The North East of England is known for its natural beauty and urban centres, but it is also home to some impressive and expansive properties. Northumberland has its very own ‘millionaire’s row’ in Runnymede Road, with a lot of homes in the street selling for £1m or more.

As a North East based construction company, we are naturally admirers of beautiful homes, and in and around Newcastle there are so many to behold.

Across the region, there are a handful of residential streets that are well known for their pricey properties. The most expensive streets in the North East are:

  • Runnymede Road, Northumberland
Runnymede Road

Runnymede Road in Ponteland is the most expensive street in the area, with over 19 homes sold for over £1 million in the last ten years. One of these homes sold for a whopping £3.2 million in April 2014, and five properties on the luxurious street sold for over £1 million in 2017 alone.

  • Graham Park Road, Newcastle

Another millionaires’ row in the North East is Graham Park Road in Gosforth, Newcastle. This highly sought-after street, close to Gosforth High Street, is regarded as one of the most popular residential addresses in the North East. With an average house price of over £1 million and 15 sales for over this figure in the last decade, it is the second most expensive road in the region.

  • Elmfield Road, Newcastle

Taking the third spot on the list of most expensive streets in the North East is Elmfield Road. Also located in Gosforth, with the highly desirable NE3 postcode, this road has seen 11 sales over £1 million in the last ten years.

  • La Sagesse, Newcastle

Located in Jesmond, La Sagesse is a fairly new, luxury housing development that was built on the site of a former private Roman Catholic school. Following extensive residential construction, La Sagesse quickly became one of the most sought-after locations in the North East. In the last ten years, the street has seen seven properties sold for over £1 million.

  • Adderstone Crescent, Newcastle

Next on the list is Adderstone Crescent, which has had six properties sell for over £1 million in the last ten years. Adderstone Crescent is home to one of the very best luxury properties in Newcastle, which was on the market in recent years for £4,950,000. It features six large bedrooms, a grand staircase and a billiards room.

  • Western Way, Northumberland

Another millionaires’ row in Northumberland is Western Way, which has had six homes sell for over £1 million. The average cost of a property on Western Way is £670,285 and is just over seven miles from the city centre of Newcastle upon Tyne.

  • Darras Road, Northumberland

Running parallel to the most expensive street in the North East is Darras Road, which has seen five properties hit the market for more than £1 million.

  • Eastcliffe Mews, Newcastle

Newcastle’s fifth most expensive street is the eighth most expensive in the whole of the North East. Eastcliffe Mews in Gosforth has had four homes sell for over £1 million in the last year ten years.

  • Osborne Villas, Newcastle

With four houses sold for over £1 million in the last decade, Osborne Villas in Jesmond also makes the list of the North East’s most expensive streets and has a desirable NE2 postcode.

The rising popularity for homes in the North East

In the whole of the North East, there have been 175 residential properties sold for more than £1 million in the last ten years. While this sounds like a significant number of pricey homes when compared to the country’s capital, it is clear that this is a very small total.

In the same period, just one London borough, the city of Westminster, saw 12,375 property sales worth over £1 million. Kensington and Chelsea had a huge 11,470 and Wandsworth had 7,233. The most expensive street in the country is said to be Queenstown Road in Battersea, which has had a whopping 247 sales worth over £1 million. This single street has had more expensive home sales than the entire North East region.

Although the number of pricey properties in the North East is significantly lower than the likes of London, some of the luxurious homes in the area will give Londoners a shock. With beautiful countryside, friendly locals and a strong, colourful history, the North East is a fantastic location to live. With house prices rocketing all across the country, the North East actually has some of the lowest house prices around, making it possible to purchase a sizeable luxury family home for less than a studio flat in London.