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How to Choose the Best Flooring for Your Bar or Restaurant

Wood flooring in a bar
Wood flooring in a bar

Sometimes overlooked as constructive rather than decorative or integral to the interior design of a space, commercial or otherwise, flooring forms a major part of the first impression that your customers will get from your bar or restaurant.

Both decorative and highly functional, the best floor type for your business venue is one which is durable and which ties into the way the room is designed and used – for example considering the impact of a slippery floor over a soft touch material and understanding the visual impact of patterned flooring over a block colour.

In this blog post, we’re sharing tips on how to choose the best flooring specifically for a bar or restaurant business, so that you can support regular use and high footfall from both guests and staff members, while also presenting an aesthetically pleasing finish that suits the tone of your hospitality business.

Boxes that need ticking: what to look for in flooring for a bar or restaurant

Bars and restaurants are typically high traffic areas, where guests come to relax and enjoy a meal and some drinks as part of or at the end of the day. Because of this, the flooring throughout these establishments needs to be slip and trip resistant, durable in the face of high usage, and inflammable (especially around the kitchen).

Remember that your flooring needs to serve the functional needs of both guests seeking an immersive and high quality experience, and of the team members who are working in and serving guests across your venue.

Outside of the functional needs, flooring is a core part of the aesthetic presentation of a restaurant or bar and can contribute towards a light and bright, intimate, or vibrant atmosphere.

So, what are the options?

The different flooring options for a bar or restaurant

Tiled flooring in a restaurant


Tiles are available in all manner of finishes, colours, patterns, shapes and sizes. And while commercial grade tiles are as slip resistant as they are stylish and are infinitely durable and easy to clean in the face of repeat spillages, the downside is that they are arduous in terms of installation and can take both time and patience to ensure a perfect finish.


Laminate flooring is a functional and long-lasting option for restaurant and bar owners, because it is allergy-proof as well as scratch resistant, hazard-free, and unexpectedly versatile in terms of its design and presentation. Often installed in large tiles, laminate is a popular flooring option for commercial businesses and so there are endless choices when it comes to both the texture and colour of your flooring.


Carpet is a flooring type often reserved for residential properties, largely because of the homely feel that it injects into the room or space it is in. However, when you use the right carpet for your restaurant or bar, the results can be both stylish and practical – serving to create a warm and homely atmosphere for guests, while also presenting a durable surface on which your team can work and serve drinks and food.

If you think carpet is the right solution for you, be sure to opt for a Grade II or above carpet which is considered suitable for restaurant use and install your carpet in tiles rather than one strip because it makes it much easier to remove and replace single tiles in the face of stains and marks.

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles)

Luxury Vinyl Tiles are highly durable, completely waterproof, and easy to install – ticking all of the functional boxes without detracting from the stylish aesthetic that modern bars and restaurants want from their flooring. As LVT has risen in popularity, the assortment and variety of styles has multiplied to include wood-look, marble-look, and so many more options – making this a cost effective option for those who want to design their ideal floor finish no matter how colourful, unique, or elegant it may be.

Here at Team Build we understand that the flooring throughout your bar and restaurant space isn’t just an investment in constructive foundations, but in the very way that your business is presented and received by team members and guests alike. With experience working across all manner of bars, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses, we can both support and advise you on the best options for you – answering all your questions along the way. For more information, get in touch directly.