Commercial Property Refurbishment

If you feel that your commercial property requires re-assessing due to a lack of space or you simply need it modernised, Team Build Construction offer commercial refurbishment services that are designed to provide you with a feasible option that delivers results.

The cost of relocating your business is expensive, so why not allow us to take care of your commercial refurbishment needs? If your current property is tired looking, dilapidated or staff are simply left with very little room to move, we can asses your building in order to identify where improvements can be made.

Once you make contact with us, we get things moving. We will undertake a workplace and property assessment and develop planning schedules that will reinvigorate and reinvent your workplace, allowing you to maximise its potential, expand your workforce and offer facilities that empower your employees.

Give your premises a new lease of life

We have a vast amount of experience in undertaking commercial refurbishment projects across a wide range of sectors, ranging from office space to retail units and even warehouses. We aim to implement a project plan that minimises disruption and works to your schedule. Our project manager will work closely with you to identify the best hours for us to carry out the work as well as identify any additional concerns that might arise as part of the project.

We might be undertaking the refurbishment work but this is your project. Our whole service is designed and tailored to fit your needs. Regardless of where your commercial space is positioned or the ideas you have, we are on hand to turn those ideas into reality.

We adopt a professional and transparent approach and that means that we are with you throughout the entire process. From the initial designs to carrying out the work, we listen to your needs, enabling us to gain a greater level of understanding. This ensures that we carry out a commercial refurbishment that gives your business a purpose and identity. Our service begins with design and ends with complete transformations. This sets us apart from our competitors and keeps our clients returning to us time and time again.

Commercial property refurbishment

Unrivalled, high-quality workmanship

Our team of construction and refurbishment experts will ensure that your commercial property matches your expectations Our team of builders put every effort into ensuring that any construction work is carried out to the highest of standards. We have expert electrician, plumbers and gas engineers on hand to carry out all aspects of installation and refurbishment works where required. The whole project is managed effectively and efficiently because we are results driven and when we get results that we are proud of, we are confident you will be extremely satisfied.

We pride ourselves on our ability to undertake all aspects of commercial refurbishment work. Through commitment, experience and a desire to deliver high-quality commercial refurbishment projects, we are confident that we can turn your workplace into a place that helps your business to grow.

Commercial refurbishment plans

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