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The Importance of High Quality Commercial Flooring

Wood office flooring
Wood office flooring

Whether you own and run a shop, a factory, a leisure facility, or any other commercial space, high quality flooring is an integral part of the design and construction process.


Well, not only does the floor have to withstand the high footfall and consistent levels of wear and tear of a commercial space, but it is also an important factor in ensuring and maintaining good health and safety standards.

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring these factors – uncovering not only the reasons for investing in a high quality floor, but also considering the benefits of high level flooring for business premises and commercial spaces across all industries and sectors.

Why is a high quality floor important for any business?

Safety is the key to a smooth operation, both in terms of keeping your employees and colleagues safe, and with regards to any customers or clients who you walk through and bring to your business premises. From shop floors to office buildings, construction sites and more, safety is always of the upmost concern – with high quality and well maintained flooring integral to minimising slip, trip, and fall hazards.

And that’s not all. Your business space is often the first visual indication a customer or client has as to the reputation and style of your business – and you can’t escape the fact that a high quality floor looks more impressive. Not to mention, good quality flooring is a cost effective and long term investment which will last much longer than a cheap alternative.

The benefits of high quality flooring

High quality office flooring

Now that we’ve ascertained the importance of high quality flooring in terms of health and safety for both employees and customers, let’s take a closer look at the benefits to your business.

1. Paying for high quality flooring now saves you money in the long run

It’s a simple fact that paying more now for a high quality product is going to save your business money in the long run. When you tighten the purse strings and pay for budget flooring, you will likely find that the floor will need replacing and regular repairs far sooner than if you had simply spent the money in the first place on a decent solution.

2. High quality flooring offers more options

Another simple one, yet a benefit which is often underestimated in terms of its end value to your business – when you decide to opt for a high quality flooring solution, you will find that the choice becomes much larger, and you can really shop around to find the right solution for you.

What that means, for most businesses, is an ability to match your business premises with the flooring that compliments the way it’s used. For example, if you’re furnishing an office building then consider the value of wood or tiled floors which are easier to clean.

3. Improve employee morale – and invest in the client’s first impression

This one is a double whammy – because when your business space or premises looks good, employees have improved morale and customers and clients will be impressed. Simple!

4. Hygiene standards

This is a little known and often underestimated benefit of commercial grade flooring, but did you know that the high level flooring for commercial spaces is actually more hygienic – filtering out contaminants and allergens to keep the air you’re breathing everyday cleaner and purer? Another big tick for the health and safety, and employee wellbeing, box.

5. Increased value

It’s not just you and your clients who will appreciate the investment into an aesthetically pleasing and attractive floor – a high quality commercial floor may also increase the lettings or resale value of the property if and when you come to sell or rent it out. Invest now to see better returns in the future.

6. When you work with the best materials, you work with the best teams

When you commit to the highest quality materials and seek a high standard of flooring for your commercial space, you will inevitably discover the companies and flooring teams who are equipped to deliver this high quality every time. Our team are primed and ready to upgrade the flooring in your commercial space, giving you a safe, comfortable, and attractive space to call your own and to support your business as it grows.

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