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Eight Ways To Increase Your Home Value This Year

Whether you’re are looking to sell your home this year, rent it out or simply want to undertake a few home refurbishment projects that will pay out in the future, then there are plenty of ways that can increase the value of your home that gives you more bang for your buck.

From the extensive projects to the quick wins, here are some of the best ways to add value to your home this year.

The best ways to increase your home value in 2019

  1. A garage conversion

If your garage is just an under-utilised storage space for old junk, then it may be well worthwhile converting the space into a living area. This is especially lucrative if you already have a dedicated parking space or driveway. A garage conversion will usually be classed as permitted development which means there is no need for lengthy or costly planning permission battles. However, it is best to check with your local planning authority before undertaking the work.

Before converting the garage, you need to make sure it is structurally sound and compliant with building regulations. However, your builder can help with this. Usually, a garage conversion can add 15% to the value of your property.

  1. Update your central heating

This may not be the most glamorous home project to undertake, however updating your central heating system will usually provide more value than it costs to install. Aspects to consider include updating your boiler or if the boiler is in good working order and has sufficient capacity, add items such as heated towel rails and additional stylish radiators.

You can also add value by improving the energy efficiency of the property by sealing any draughts, adding insulation and replacing the windows with more energy efficient choices.

  1. Presentation

As first impressions count, you can really impress prospective buyers (and increase the value) by improving the exterior presentation of your property. What’s more, is by adding the finishing touches to the front of the property you can increase the value by up to 10% without spending too much money.

Make sure the front garden is tidy, give the front door a fresh lick of paint and add style with potted plants or hanging baskets which can all help to give your home kerb appeal.

  1. Apply for planning permission only

If you don’t want to undertake any work at your home, but still want to increase the value, then apply for planning permission for your property. Having planning permission ready to go gives your property much more potential for prospective buyers.

Applying for planning permission for an extension means the property comes with potential bigger square footage which increases value while giving prospective buyers the freedom to make the renovations that best suit their needs.

  1. Check for structural problems and fix them

If you are selling your house, then home surveys will highlight structural problems that may lower the price of your property or may cause buyers to pull out of the sale. Instead, get ahead of the game and identify and fix structural problems before selling so that you can ensure the maximum value for your property.

Structural damage that needs to be addressed urgently includes damp, leaking roof, rotten roof timbers, insect infestations, missing roof tiles, bowing walls and an unstable chimney.

  1. Add a bathroom

Adding a new bathroom
Adding a new bathroom or updating an existing one could help increase the value of your home

A home can never have too many bathrooms or en-suites. With more bathrooms you can increase the functionality of the home, making it more attractive to buyers. Fortunately, there’s plenty of spaces where you can squeeze in an additional bathroom, shower room or toilet. Storage cupboards, utility rooms and closets can all offer under-utilised space that could be put to better use.

  1. Update existing bathrooms

If you don’t have space to add an additional bathroom, then it may be worthwhile making your bathrooms as nice as possible. You don’t necessarily have to gut the bathroom and install a new one. If your bathroom is in a good condition, then simply spruce it up with new fixtures and a deep clean or fresh lick of paint. Don’t forget, the small features such as the tatty light switch and dusty extractor fan which can make all the difference during a house viewing.

  1. Hardwood floors

If the carpet is past its prime, then have a look underneath for the condition of the floor to see if you can restore the flooring back to its former glory. Hardwood and tile flooring is an attractive feature in properties and one that will boost the value. Hardwood floors can be great for allergy sufferers as well as being much easier to clean and maintain.