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10 Small House Extension Ideas

If you are hoping to add space to your home but lacking the room, then a small home extension might be for you. Not only are small extensions great for properties with minimal space, but they are also well suited to low budgets. The cost of a small house extension will vary greatly depending on what it is that you want. There are ways to keep costs to a minimum, and the smaller the space, the cheaper it will be.

A general rule of thumb for extension costs is roughly £1000 to £3000 per square metre depending on location, so a small extension will always be dramatically cheaper than a more substantial project.

Many homeowners are sceptical of whether a small home extension is worth it, but when done properly, they can make a big impact. Here are our top 10 small house extension ideas to help you make the most of your space;

Extend Your Living Space

If you only have the space or budget for a one or two-metre extension, it will be difficult to make a new room that is functional or useful. Adding space to an existing room, such as a living room, is a great way to add to your home. Create a beautiful blend between the old and the new. You can do this by linking a space with as wide an opening as possible. While an extra metre or two might not sound much, that added space can make a big difference in a small room.

Fill A Side Return

It is very common for semi-detached and terraced houses to have a small space out the back to the side of the property. This is known as the side return and is an ideal place for a small home extension. If you don’t need the outdoor area, fill it with a single-storey extension. This type of extension is perfect for adding space to a small kitchen or even opening up the space to an open plan kitchen and dining room.

Choose A Conservatory

A conservatory is an excellent way of adding another room to your home, without the need for planning permission or building regulations consent. You can easily add to your existing living space or add a new room such as a playroom or home office. If you want a space you are able to use all year round; then it is worth investing in heating and conservatory blinds.

Convert Your Garage

If your home features an integral garage, then converting it into a new space in your home is a great way to add a new room. With most of the hard work, such as walls and foundations, already done for you, it is a fairly inexpensive option. It is always worth double-checking with an estate agent that this won’t damage the value of your home or make it difficult to sell in future.

Consider A Bay Window

Terraced houses with bay windows

For a really budget-friendly way to extend your home and add more space, add a bay window. A projecting bay window is an easy and relatively cheap way to enlarge your room and bring in extra daylight. A bay window often won’t require foundations and can be cantilevered onto the existing property structure.

Add A Porch

While a porch is only a very small space, they can be very effective in adding more room to your home and the feeling of more space. If your front door opens directly into your living room, then a porch is a useful buffer from the elements. They are also a great way to make a small hallway feel bigger.

Transform A Loft With A Box Dormer

Many homes feature a converted loft space, and if you have inherited this from a previous owner, you might not be satisfied with the amount of full-height space. A box dormer can be used to transform an existing loft space into something larger and more useable. This is also an easy way to add the headroom that is required for adding stairs.

Make A Garage Walkway

If you have an outbuilding, such as a converted garage or other outdoor space, a covered walkway is an easy way to link this to the rest of the property. Glazed walkways are a good solution if your property has planning restrictions and a solid link isn’t an option.

Use Glass To Enhance A Small House Extension

When you have a small home extension onto an existing room, then using a long length of glass or roof lights can exaggerate the new space. Pick glass with slim framing when it is going in small spaces, as this will enhance the size of the windows and let more light in.

Extend To The Rear

Adding an extra metre or two to the rear of your property might not seem like much but can completely transform your home. By extending out into your garden, you could add space to your kitchen or living room, or even use a partition wall to create a new room entirely.