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10 Ways To Increase The Value of Your Home Before Selling

Every homeowner wants to achieve the highest possible price for their property when selling. When it comes to increasing the value of your home before putting it on the market, there are a few home refurbishment tasks and ideas that can easily add a few more pounds to your home without costing you too much.

It is important to get started with any home refurbishment projects well in advance of selling your home so that when it is time to put it on the market, it is ready to make an impeccable first impression to potential buyers. Read on for our top ten ways to increase the value of your home before selling.

1. Refresh Your Paint And Keep It Neutral

When you put your property on the market, the idea is to attract as many buyers as possible. By giving your walls a fresh coat of paint, you will make it look revitalised and new.

Choose neutral colours that will make the spaces look bigger and appeal to a broader range of people. A neutral colour scheme will give potential buyers the opportunity to envisage their own furniture and décor in the home.

2. Upgrade Your Exterior

Tired looking house wall
Brighten up any tired and worn exterior areas

An easy modification that can have a big impact on the value is repairing and painting the outside of your property. The exterior is the first thing that a potential buyer will see, and first impressions really do count.

Give your outside walls a fresh coat of paint, examine for any visible signs of damage and make any necessary repairs. Even a few potted plants and a brand new door can make all the difference.

3. Add More Space

The more space your home can offer a potential buyer, the more it will be worth. If there is any way of increasing the space within your home through refurbishment, then it can have a big effect on the selling price.

Making the best of unused spaces by undergoing a loft conversion, for example, to create an additional bedroom can significantly add value to your home.

4. Look At Your Landscaping

An attractive garden will have a big impact on what a buyer thinks about your home. Investing some time and money into your outdoor space can add a lot of value to a property, and is a fairly easy change to make. Transform your gardens to be fresh and inviting, and aim to get potential buyers imagining themselves spending time outside.

5. Renew Flooring

It might not seem obvious, but your interior flooring is often one of the first things a buyer will look at when they enter a new property. Try to keep your floors clean and contemporary; if you have old, worn out carpets it will have a real negative impact on the entire property. Replacing carpets can certainly be a way to improve the home that will pay off in the long run.

6. Focus On The Kitchen

For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. A room that was once just for preparing food has recently become a space for spending time together and entertaining guests.

An appealing kitchen is a big selling point, and simple and inexpensive home refurbishments can make a significant difference. Think about painting or replacing cupboard fronts, or even just the handles, as it can dramatically improve the appearance of the entire room.

7. Think Smart

Smart home technologies are becoming increasingly popular among buyers, and various technologies can make a property more attractive than others. If you have fibre optic cables in your area, then be sure to advertise it, and investing in things such as multi-room music systems can add real value.

There is a significant focus on energy efficiency these days, and smart technologies in your home that can help with this are also very popular. Consider installing mobile controlled heating systems, which can have a positive effect on your properties EPC (Energy Performance Certificate).

8. Declutter And Style

The little things make a huge difference when it comes to selling a home. Remove as many personal items from around the property as you can, and declutter, so spaces look clean and tidy. Think of Marie Kondo and utilise your space more efficiently to give a fresh, inviting look.

9. Enhance Your Bathroom

Revitalised bathroom
Revitalised bathroom

Refurbishing an entire bathroom can be a pricey job, and while it is sure to add some value to your home, it might not be necessary. There are plenty of small modifications you can make in your bathroom that will have positive results. Replace your taps and re-grout tiling to give your bathroom a mini facelift.

10. Replace Doors And Windows

If your doors and windows are a bit dated, it might be worth replacing them to add value to your home. Look for replacements that are more energy efficient, and ensure all your windows are double glazed. If you can’t replace your doors and windows, then ensure they all function properly and are damage free.