Team Build Construction

Whittingham School Site Visits

The extension to Whittingham Church of England First School is on schedule, with pupils getting the opportunity to watch the works progressing safely from their playing field. After the excitement of the extensive ground works they watched the block work starting, and last week the pupils safely viewed the steel works going into place in preparation for the roof.

This week, the pupils were given the opportunity to have an accompanied site visit over a special access area, created to accommodate groups. The pupils enjoyed wearing the personal protective equipment and asked lots of questions about their new building.

Deputy Teacher, Mrs Fortescue, accompanied the children on site visits and said “Year 3 & 4 really got to put their mathematics lessons into practice when we were looking at the area of the new building and the shape of the roof trusses. It was a great opportunity for the pupils to see their new building, and understand the materials that are used and the practical uses for their lessons.”