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How to Choose the Best Flooring for Your Office

Office floor
Office floor

Office flooring requires the ultimate mix of aesthetic presentation and functionality – with businesses across all industries needing to think about the way their office space is used, how durable they need their flooring to be, and how the colour and design of their chosen floor will compliment their business branding and colour palette.

When it comes to finding the best flooring for your office, we recommend a hybrid approach – first outlining the must-haves and the non-negotiables of your flooring, before looking at the options available to you and matching your favoured choice with the items on your must-have list.

And with that in mind, here are some of the things to consider and think about.

Things to consider when selecting your office flooring

Every business is different, and with that comes the need for a personalised office which reflects the personality and vision of your team. Gone are the days where every office is coated in the same white paint with the same grey carpet – today, flooring can and should reflect the aesthetic of the brand, with some companies selecting brand colours in their flooring while others keep it light and bright and integrate accessories for some added vibrancy.

Some of the main things to consider and think about when selecting the right flooring for your office are:

  • Aesthetic look and design. Does the carpet fit with the vision and environment that you are trying to create? From bold patterns and vibrant designs for a creative industry, to sleek finishes and expensive-looking materials for a client-facing office space, flooring can have a huge impact on how your space is presented and received by workers and visitors alike.
  • Durability and practicality. Not only does your floor need to be practical for its core purpose – it also needs to be able to withstand regular and consistent footfall.
  • Cost effectiveness. Like it or not, cheap flooring tends to cost more in the long run because its lack of durability requires endless repair work and upkeep. Rather than focussing solely on budget, consider the price in line with quality and longevity.

The different types of flooring on offer

Office flooring types

From tiles to carpet to the carpet tiles which bridge the gap between the two, here are some of the most popular and commonly used flooring solutions in office spaces.


Available both in long strips and in carpet tiles, carpet is often regarded as the warm and welcoming flooring option which adds a level of comfort to your office. Carpet tiles are particularly popular in offices because they are easier to fit into the space, while the seamless nature of long stretches of carpet creates that cosy at-home vibe – soaking up excess sound from constant movement and retaining heat in the colder winter months.

Vinyl flooring

Cheaper than hardwood but just as durable, vinyl flooring allows you to select the design and aesthetic finish of your choice and integrate it in the most cost efficient way.


One of the cheaper materials for office flooring, laminate is particularly good for office kitchens because it is water resistant and so ticks the box of durability, practicality, and longevity. Not to mention, modern laminate comes in a variety of finishes.


At-home in a high end office building, and often found in client-facing spaces, hardwood is a premium office flooring solution which is highly durable and able to withstand the wear and tear of high footfall, but which will fall foul of things like spilt water. Hardwood looks great but it’s worth considering that it is noisy to walk on.

Ceramic tiling

The mainstay of residential bathrooms and kitchens, ceramic tiling is the kind of flooring that the office cleaner will love thanks to its easy maintenance – but which can contribute to a colder environment if used extensively outside of the kitchen and bathroom area.

Matching your needs with the best flooring option for you

Taking into account your budget and all of the touch-points and focus areas listed above, finding the perfect flooring for your office can seem daunting. But it doesn’t need to be.

Our team are here to provide advice, guidance, and expertise on all the types of flooring available – whether it’s carpet tiles for an admin office, hardwood flooring for a high end meeting room, or durable tiles for the office kitchen.

To benefit from our decades of experience in the industry and to receive a tailored quote, get in touch with our team today.