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Carpet Tiles: A Mini Guide

Carpet tiles
Carpet tiles

If you’ve ever laid carpet before, whether as part of a DIY renovation or with the support of a professional flooring company, you will know that sourcing, cutting, and installing a wall-to-wall block of carpet is not only fiddly and difficult, but time consuming and costly.

Carpet tiles offer a solution which is both convenient and easy to customise according to your space – not to mention it presents a degree of flexibility with regards to the aesthetic look and finish of the flooring in your commercial or private property. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at carpet tiles, how they work, and the benefits.

What are carpet tiles?

Think back to the last time you tiled your bathroom or kitchen – well, carpet tiles do exactly the same thing, but instead of providing a glossy finish they offer a much softer end result to your floor.

Carpet tiles are essentially smaller cut outs of carpet, which are fitted to your floor in a patchwork format for ease and convenience. Available in squares, rectangles, hexagons, and a series of other shapes and formats, carpet tiles can be mixed and matched according to your ideal aesthetic finish – whether that means a series of matching carpet tiles which blend together into one solid floor, or a more complex and vibrant collection of coloured tiles.  

The advantages of carpet tiles vs. wall-to-wall carpeting

Carpet tile fitting

There are a large number of reasons why both DIY renovators and professional flooring companies are using carpet tiles increasingly frequently – with some of the main benefits including:


While a wall-to-wall strip of carpet needs to be measured and cut as one to ensure it fits around the corners and unique shapes of a room or interior space, carpet tiles allow the complex fitting work to be done on much smaller patches of carpet – making installation infinitely easier.

And it’s not just installation that’s made easier by choosing carpet tiles. These smaller patches of carpet are also easier to transport and, because most manufacturers give them a layer of pre-backing, can be stuck directly onto the surface – eradicating the need for costly underlay.

Less waste

A big benefit of carpet tiles, particularly in the modern world where wastage is of the upmost concern, is that the waste is much lower than it would be with the installation of large patches of carpet. Instead of needing to cut the right shape out of a large strip of carpet material, carpet tiles allow you to take and use as many as you need without leaving metres of offcut material.

And of course, with less waste there comes the benefit of less cost – with you not needing to source and purchase as much material.

Diversity of design

From creating a patchwork of different coloured squares, to investing in a vibrant pattern, carpet tiles are versatile and allow for a truly unique combination of colours and finishes to be laid in a single room.

And that’s not all. With carpet tiles becoming more and more popular with modern homeowners, the range of textures and thicknesses is also increasing to allow for more diversity in finish underfoot. This array of material finishes and textures lets clients pair the space they’re designing with the carpet that is most suitable.

Ongoing maintenance

Once the carpet tiles have been laid, they are super easy to maintain – with the individual backing making it easy to remove and replace tiles if they become worn down or subject to stains. Another benefit of the ease with which carpet tiles can be pulled up individually, if that if you need to have any work done to the underfloor of your space, or need to access any cables or water pipes, you can do so more easily than if you had wall-to-wall carpet.

Why working with a professional flooring company is the best option

Carpet tiles may be smaller and more convenient to lay, but that doesn’t make them any easier in terms of achieving the perfect finish. When you work with a professional company, designs are more consistent and the overall finish will be cleaner and more balanced – not to mention, the work will likely be completed quicker and with more cost effective sourcing of materials.

For more information on carpet tiles and to find out whether they could work for you, get in touch with Team Build today.