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5 Reasons to Choose a Professional Flooring Company for Your Project

Professional wood flooring
Professional wood flooring

An often understated part of any redesign or interior project, flooring is something that every project needs – and which often contributes significantly to the cost – and yet we often see clients overlooking the need to pair each space with the right flooring.

When you work with a professional flooring company, not only do you shine a spotlight on the aesthetic and functional importance of the floor – you also ensure that your project meets overall safety standards, is completed within budget, and uses only the best materials and finishes.

Without further ado, here are 5 reasons why choosing to work with a professional flooring company can save you time, save you money, and leave you with a much longer lasting and better looking space.

Consultation and planning

One of the major benefits of partnering with a professional flooring company comes before you even start work on the floor itself. Consultation, planning, and design is all an integral part of a process which helps to ensure that you are getting the best flooring for your budget and for the space you are designing – with a professional company able to visit the space and then explain the suitability of different materials and flooring types to suit the desired finish.

And it doesn’t end there. Once a material has been selected and the job has been booked, a professional company will be able to utilise all the industry leading tools and resources that they operate as part of their day job – using commercial software to ensure the materials are cut to the right shape, fit, and finish.


Clients and customers often underestimate the price of flooring, not only in terms of installation but with regards to the purchase cost of materials. Luckily, when you work with a professional company, you instantly benefit from their contacts within the industry – meaning that they, and you, will benefit from the very best supply prices.

Budgeting is a really important factor to consider when getting quotes for a flooring job, with our advice being to speak to a couple of different companies to ensure that you are getting the materials and labour for the best possible price.

Access to tools

This is a simple one – if you choose to attempt a DIY flooring job then you will only ever have access to the tools that you choose to purchase or hire. When you work with a professional company, your project benefits from their extensive collection of tools and resources – making any challenging corners, uneven surfaces, and hard to reach areas disappear in a flash.  

Speed, quality and reliability

High quality wood floor

With years of training and experience comes an efficiency which is often unmatched by DIY jobs – with a professional flooring company the ideal solution for ensuring your project is installed and finished as quickly as possible, without detracting from the quality of the end result.

After all, when you’re waiting for the flooring to be installed before you can proceed with any other part of a fit out or interior project, time and efficiency really is a crucial part of every decision you make.

Another aspect of this which is often overlooked comes in the form of health and safety, with the work of a professional company far more likely to tick those health and safety boxes for both the project work itself, and the finish of your floor – commercial or otherwise. Again, this is something which comes with immense training and experience.

The finish

Finally, to the most important part of any flooring project – the aesthetic and functionality of the floor that you are left with once all the tools have been removed and the workmen have disappeared. Working with a professional company means that you will benefit from the highest quality finish – and the longevity and durability that comes with that level of quality.

As a professional flooring company, the team at Team Build Flooring work across commercial, private, and residential fit outs virtually every day of the week – supporting clients with every stage of the project from that first consultation and quote through to installation and completion.

If you’re looking to improve your flooring, get in touch with us and find out exactly how we could support you in improving the aesthetic and practicality of your space.