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Seven Of The Best Commercial Renovation Tips

Whether you are the current owner of a commercial space, or looking to open a new office or store, then it is likely that you have considered renovating to really make the building your own. Renovating a commercial building is sure to be a large project, and it can be an overwhelming idea when you begin thinking about all the various aspects of it.

If you are looking to re-brand your business or just give your office space a fresh look, a renovation is a great way to give your space a new lease of life. Taking on such a large project is no easy task, and your business will be depending on the success of the renovation, so it is vital that everything is properly organised. Read on for seven of the best commercial renovation tips, to help reinvent your business space.

Remember your reasons

If you are renovating your commercial space, then you will have your reasons for doing so, and it can be easy to lose sight of these along the way. Whether you are renovating to improve the look of your building, install new equipment or upgrade your infrastructure, your initial reasoning should be at the forefront of your mind throughout the entire process. Before you begin renovating, prioritise your reasons and then plan accordingly.

Think to the future

Your business changes regularly, and your commercial space needs to be able to keep up with the needs of the company. The purpose for your commercial space might need to change over time, and you need to consider this when you begin renovating. Think about your business’s five-year plan and then renovate accordingly.

If your business is in its growing phase, then you might need to plan for more space in the future such as for more employees or more customers. You might need to consider increasing your storage facilities too.

Seek help from professionals

Renovating a commercial space is a big deal, and as well as spending a lot of money on the renovation, it will also have an impact on the future of your business. You should enlist the help of a professional construction company which has experience in renovating commercial buildings.

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When it comes to choosing a contractor, it is all about reputation, so ask around to find out if you know anyone with first-hand experience, and always check the previous work of any contractors you are considering. A good contractor is a great investment for a commercial renovation project as they will be able to identify potential problems before they arise and provide suggestions on where you could make savings or have alternative solutions.

Create a budget and schedule

Proper planning is essential for a successful commercial renovation, and before you begin your project, you should create a well thought out schedule and budget. Be realistic with your budgeting and include about 10% more than you think you will need as a contingency.

When it comes to creating a schedule, remember that renovations take time and it is likely to impact your business’s operations. Create a schedule that minimises the interruptions to the day to day running of your business and be realistic with your time frames.

Reduce your utilities

While you are undergoing a renovation of your commercial space, it is a great opportunity to upgrade your lighting and windows and make your space more energy efficient. You can save a huge amount of money for your business by incorporating more natural light into your building and investing in energy efficient bulbs and controls.

Installing modern, more efficient heating, ventilating and air conditioning unit can also save a lot on utility bills over time.

Be prepared for change

As mentioned before, it is vital that you have a budget and schedule in place for your renovation project. However, it is also essential that you bear in mind things do not always go to plan and that your timeline and budget might move around as the renovation progresses.

Be prepared for some aspects to take longer than planned, especially where planning and permit applications are involved as the timeframe of those are often completely out of your control.

Know your audience

Whatever type of commercial building you are renovating, you should take your employees and your customer’s opinions into account. If you are renovating an office, then know that your employees will be working in this environment all day every day, and you want to keep them as engaged and as productive as possible. Their surroundings will play a big part in how they feel at work, so be sure to consider their needs when designing the space.

If you are renovating a shop, restaurant or other customer-facing business then keep your customers at the forefront of your mind. Your renovation will need to focus on how you can improve your customer journey and experience while they are visiting your business.