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House Exterior Design Guide

House exterior
House exterior

Whether your house compliments and matches the neighbouring properties on a residential street, or boasts a unique and innovative design, the exterior of a property has the power to transform the long term value of your home and how it is received. We all want to live in a property that we can be proud of, and this blog post seeks to uncover some of the fixes and tweaks you can make to present the house exterior of your design dreams. 

So, without further ado here are some of our tips for enhancing your home’s exterior design. 

The importance of your home’s exterior design

First thing’s first, why is the exterior of a home so important? After all, if you only have time and budget to renovate either the inside or the outside, isn’t the interior living space more important than the aesthetic exterior?

In some instances, the answer to this is yes – however, focussing on the exterior of your home means recognising its aesthetic value and dressing and renovating it accordingly, for example optimising the historic charm or an old house with natural materials, or channelling modern vibes into a standard box house that was built in the 1970’s. In short, the wrong kind of exterior design can completely ruin the look of a property, and so navigating exterior design is a case of strategy and planning any work in line with the style of your home and what will give it the best possible finish. 

Let’s take a closer look at what kind of projects can give your home the best possible exterior finish. 

Our top tips for improving the exterior of your home

Think BIG(ger)

Big renovations, such as those which extend your rooms and adjust the layout of your home, should be planned in line with achieving the right proportions and balance across the property. From extending upwards, to building out one side of the house or extending into the garden, you should always consider how the extra walls and roofing will impact the presentation of the existing structure – whether you renovate and upgrade outdated extension work or add new areas to the property which help to give it an aesthetically pleasing finish.

When considering large scale renovations such as extension work, you must remember to look into:

  • Planning permission or Permitted Development Rights
  • Any regulations attached to listed properties
  • The cost, not only for the work itself but for the design work as well

Change your exterior finish

House exterior finish

Wood-cladding has become a big trend in recent years, dominating the new build market as well as forming a big part of upgrade and renovation work for homeowners. There are many alternative exterior finishes out there which scream of outdated design work, for example pebble-dashed walls, and so you might find that a tired looking property can be quickly improved and updated with a simple change to its exterior finish. 

Some of the most popular exterior finish options include painting your home, laminate cladding, weatherboarding, brick, stone tile, metal, and PVCu cladding – all of which present their own advantages in line with your budget and your preferred finish. 

Replace your roof

Roof work is neither easy nor is it cheap, but what it can do is completely transform the look of your home and increase its value by a large percentage if you’re looking to sell quite soon. When it comes to replacing your roof, whether simply renovating the existing roof or adding to your property with an extension, it is important to consider cost as well as the project timeline, taking care to consider the best time of year for such invasive work on your home. 

Look at renovating and replacing the smaller details

These include windows, your front door, a porch, or even a re-landscaped garden. These may present wildly different finishes and advantages of their own, but one thing they have in common is the way they can change the overall presentation of your home – bringing it back in line with its overall style, whether traditional or modern, and helping your home to look well-thought-out and finished to a high standard. Not only will this make you proud of your home, but it will increase the value and interest in your home if and when you come to selling it on. 

Whatever your project might be, always remember to look at:

  • Cost and timelines for the project, including design work
  • Any planning permission requirements
  • How your work will fit with the style of your property 

For more advice on the best exterior home renovation projects to undertake for the benefit of your home, including others not listed in this blog such as driveway upgrades and converted garages, get in touch with our expert team.