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New Build or a Refurb – Which Do You Want To Call Home?

With the excitement of buying a home, there are many factors to consider before you discover ‘the one’.

Whatever the size, location or budget you have in mind, you will want to find a place you can put your own stamp on. There are many ways you can make your new house into your own haven whether you start from scratch with a brand new build made just for you or you update an existing house with a refurbishment.

So, which is the perfect home for you?

When A New Build Is Right For You

If you have spent months endlessly scrolling through house-hunting websites and still can’t find the perfect place that ticks all of the boxes and meets every requirement you need, then a new build may be just what you need. With a plot of land available, you have a completely blank canvas to create your dream home in line with your budget.

With a team of architects and construction workers, you can devise a floor-plan that works for your needs and focuses on the aspects you care about. Whether you are looking for an eco-friendly sustainable home, an immersive home gym, a technologically advanced smart home or perhaps an expansive kitchen to cater to your culinary needs, taking a custom approach to building your home is the stuff of dreams as you start to see your vision come to life.

The advantages of building a new home
A new build truly gives you the opportunity to create a home that caters to all your needs

However, it is important to note a new build is not for everybody. For those looking for a quick move, then an existing home is much easier to move into. But for those who have the time and patience to build a home from scratch, then a new build is a place you can really put your stamp on and make it unique to you.

There are plenty of other benefits for choosing to construct a new build property. These include;

  1. Know What You’re Getting

With a new home, there is no history to worry about. Buying an existing home means there may be past issues, current problems and botch jobs that all come as a surprise to you when you move in. Whether it’s worrying about foundation issues, dodgy wiring or damp patches that you didn’t see in the viewing, lots of problems can crop up when you buy an existing home.

However, with a new build, there will be no nasty surprises and no wondering what happened to the home under previous occupants. You really do wipe the slate clean.

  1. Could Save You Money

Some existing homes can quickly become money pits as you find more aspects that you want to change and refurbishments you need to make. With a new home, you know exactly what you need to do with a budget for every aspect. What’s more, come move-in date, the house can be complete without worrying about further refurbishments you need to make later down the line.

While it is always wise to have a little flexibility with a new build budget, unexpected renovations for an existing home can quickly mount to unfeasible levels on top of the price you paid for the home.

  1. Warranty Security

New home builders will often provide a warranty for your new home. This warranty can help to cover a range of issues from the plumbing and electrics to minor snagging problems such as grouting and paintwork. With this warranty in place, you have complete peace of mind that experts can resolve the problems for free.

When An Existing Home Refurbishment Is Right For You

Of course, you don’t need a brand new home to put your own stamp on a property. Alternatively, you can opt for an existing home and complete refurbishment work so that it suits your requirements and adds your personality while still having aspects of the home’s character remain.

Refurbishing a house
Choosing to refurbish an existing home could cost less

An existing home can be perfect if you are looking for a particular style of property, or enjoy a house search and take inspiration of the current homeowners

One of the most obvious benefits of choosing an existing property is the fact that it can be completed in a much shorter timeframe. From searching for the property to purchase can take just a few months and often refurbishment can be completed relatively quickly. For a new build, occupants are looking at a timeline of at least half a year onwards. If you are looking for quick completion and to move in quickly, then an existing home is ideal.

As well as a shorter timeframe the other benefits of refurbishing an existing property include;

  1. Less Stress

With a home that is ready to move into or at least has some habitable rooms is much less stressful than planning and designing a brand new home from scratch. With an existing property, you only have to make one big decision at the beginning which is to choose the best home for you. After that, you can make small changes to the property as you go, rather than having to make lots of big decisions from the get-go.

  1. Cost Negotiation

When you start a new build project, the costs are reasonably rigid as you’ll be paying for materials and craftsmanship. However, with an existing home, there is more room for negotiation especially if there are aspects of the house that are tired, dated and in need of repair.

With an existing home, you do not have to spend more than the set price that you negotiate initially. From there, you can make gradual refurbishments as the time is right and you have the budget available.

  1. Facilities And Amenities

Plots for new builds are usually in the outskirts of towns or in the countryside. This may be the ideal location for you. However, if you prefer to be in a place with established facilities, amenities and connections, then existing homes are usually in more accessible and desirable locations.

What’s more, you can gather a feel of the area and what’s available before you buy. Opting for a new plot means there may be little development, to begin with. What’s more, you then know the nearby area, whereas a new plot may be vulnerable to significant change which may not always be favourable for your home.