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What is Brick Tinting?

Brick tinting
Brick tinting

There are many ways to change the aesthetic of a property, with some methods providing more longevity than others.

For example, painting the outside of a property can change the appearance of the property in the short term, but it often starts to look weathered before long, making the updating of the premise costly.

How does the brick tinting process work?

Brick tinting uses coloured dyes and an acrylic-based solution that ensures the brick absorbs the colours, allowing longevity compared to other methods.

When seasoned professionals carry out brick tinting, there should be little reason why it does not last as long as the property itself.  

To ensure you get the best results from brick tinting, you should employ the services of a professional. Even those who can tint brick themselves find it more cost-effective and efficient to leave the task in the hands of professionals.

When should brick tinting be considered?

When updating the appearance of a property, brick tinting can often end up being one of the most viable and cost-effective methods.

This can be especially true for those wanting to exactly match the colour of a new extension to the rest of the property or any other instance whereby the colour of the existing bricks of a property are mismatched in terms of colour.

Mismatched brick colours

The cost of brick tinting can appear more expensive than conventional painting or whitewashing, but carried out in the right way, brick tinting can be more cost-effective in the long term.  

How much does brick tinting typically cost?

Like all residential building services, the cost of brick tinting can depend on several factors, including but not limited to the following:

  • The extent of the colour change
  • The type of brick used
  • The size of the surface area that requires tinting

There can be times when there are brick tinting services being offered for a price that seems too good to be true. Unfortunately, this can be the case in many instances, with many suffering poor workmanship and an ineffective finish that costs more to rectify in the future. 

What types of bricks can be tinted?

Brick tinting is compatible with most types of bricks, although there can be issues with smooth-facing bricks due to their low absorption rate.

However, ensuring you employ the services of a professional in the first instance allows you to gain advice on what work can be carried out, ensuring you are not paying for a service that is ineffective.

Brick tinting to colour match a new extension

When planning an house extension, there can be some occurrences that may hinder the process. One of the most common is to source a brick that is the same in both colour and size. Although finding the right size brick is rarely an issue, finding a brick that is an exact match for the colour of the property can be problematic in some instances.

Those working within a tight budget when considering brick tinting need to be aware that darkening a light colour is easier than lightening a dark colour, and the latter can be more expensive.

If you are new to brick tinting and want to ensure that you are taking the right approach when planning an extension, it can be a good idea to speak to a brick tinting specialist before moving ahead.

Is brick tinting permanent?

Once a brick has been dyed, there is no way to return the brick to its original form. However, should you wish to change the brick colour in the future, this is possible.

It’s worth noting that it can be more difficult to tint darker bricks to become a lighter colour.

Employing the services of a seasoned professional not only ensures the brick tinting is carried out to the highest standard, but this also allows you to get a realistic overview of what options are available to your specific project.

Can brick tinting be detrimental to the property?

One of the reasons why some may not have considered brick tinting in the past is because they feel it could potentially be harmful to the brickwork, but this is not the case. Using brick tinting has been commonplace for 30 years and has always been robust and long-lasting.

While brick tinting is not the perfect fit for all projects, many are surprised at just how adaptable the procedure is, especially when carried out by industry specialists. If you are looking for a long-lasting and affordable way of refreshing your property, then why not give brick tinting some consideration.