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Renovating a Terraced House: A Mini Guide

Terraced house renovation
Terraced house renovation

Many people know that renovating or refurbishing a home can increase its value and improve its practicality. However, some people may be put off from the idea of renovating their home because they believe the structure of their property would make it very difficult to do or even totally impossible.

This is a common misconception, particularly amongst terraced house owners. Although there may not be as much flexibility to renovate when compared to a detached home, there are certainly options available to consider.

Terraced house extensions and the Party Wall Act

As the work often involves structural work, it is vital to be aware of the Party Wall Act. In short, it means seeking permission from neighbours to ensure that they are agreeable to the work being carried out.

A Party Wall Agreement is usually made up of the following components:

Party Wall Award

The Party Wall Award is a set of guidelines that need to be adhered to regarding the work being carried out.

The Party Wall is viewed as a legal agreement between those wanting the renovation work carried out and their neighbours. As such, should any work be carried out that falls outside of these guidelines, then there could be legal ramifications. 

Schedule of condition

A Schedule of Condition should document the adjacent property, and in most instances include photos. Small details like this can make all the difference if a disagreement regarding the work arises in the future.

Details of liability insurance

Many people will already know the importance of ensuring that only seasoned professionals are used for building work, so it stands to reason why it is an important part of a Party Wall Agreement.

Time limits and work hours  

Although some noise can be expected, it is important that any disruption to neighbours is kept to a minimum. Time limits ensure both parties have realistic expectations of the work being carried out.

This also offers those adjacent to the property realistic timescales of how long the work will take.

Will planning permission be required?

Applying for planning permission can be a daunting task, but in many cases, it will not be required for those carrying out a renovation on their terraced house. However, there are some guidelines that must be followed to ensure this is the case.

If the property is located within a Conservation Area, there is a good chance that planning permission will be required, regardless of the amount of work being carried out.  

Extensions can also be carried out, but they must be a permitted development. If there are uncertainties regarding planning permission, you should contact the Planning Portal or your local council before any work commences.

Popular options for renovating a terraced house

Although some people will already have a general idea of what they hope to achieve with their renovation, others may be searching for inspiration.

Add more convenience to the household

New downstairs toilet

It is not only space that can be in short supply in busy households, but also facilities. As such, the renovation of a terrace house can be the ideal opportunity to introduce another bathroom or lavatory.

Add some space and character with an extension

An extension is one of the most common choices for renovating a terraced house, and it is not difficult to understand why. A renovation not only adds much-needed space, but can also significantly increase the value of a property.

Acquire more living space with a loft conversion

Just like an extension, a loft conversion can be the perfect compromise between affordability and practicality when attempting to find some additional space.

Create the perfect social setting with a side return extension

There can be times when entertaining friends and family members can result in the property feeling cramped, but this does not have to be the case. Those with a garden area that wants to retain their outside space may want to consider a side return extension.

Combining the extension with a reworking of the internal space can open up your home to new possibilities, and makes it the perfect area for catching up with those close to you.

Looking to renovate your terraced house? Contact Team Build Construction to explore your options and discuss some ideas that would work well for your property.