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Bungalow Extension Ideas


Bungalows are often regarded as one of the best types of property in terms of having potential to be extended and renovated.

The following is an overview of some fantastic extension options available for those considering a residential construction project involving a bungalow.

A bungalow extension is the perfect opportunity for an internal remodel

There can be times when the space contained with a bungalow is minimal, but a home extension can help introduce character into a property, as well as a flow of creativity.

An open-plan space may not be the ideal fit for everyone, but those wanting to give their home a makeover and make the best use of the space available are often surprised at what options are available.

For example, the addition of glazed doors that can be opened and closed at will also help ensure the home can be used to maximum effect and introduce light into the home with ease, which can help create the illusion of a more spacious property. 

Create more headspace with an extended structure across the back

As appealing as bungalows are, there are instances where headspace could be limited, but an extended structure across the back of the property can help introduce some much-need headroom.

Planning permission will be required for this work, but if the bungalow is situated on a street with houses containing more than one floor, you should find that obtaining permission is not an issue.

Those worried about losing the aesthetic of the bungalow need not worry, as the addition of some dormer windows is all that is needed to retain the classic appearance of a traditional bungalow.

Each bungalow extension will come with a set of factors that need to be considered before any work is carried out.

Therefore, those searching for further advice regarding their own extension plans should seek the services of a professional construction company who can offer guidance and carry out the necessary work to the highest possible standard.

Consider making use of a loft conversion with a bungalow extension

Bungalow loft conversion

Given the structure of a bungalow, it makes sense there will be certain restrictions to deal with and key things to consider, especially with regards to space. However, loft conversions can be possible in many instances, which may come as a surprise to some people.

When wanting to make the best use of space, many bungalow owners choose to base their plans on a dormer loft conversion, as this type of approach typically makes the best use of space.

Bungalow loft extensions are popular with those wanting to renovate their home, as they often will not require planning permission. However, it’s advised to always contact your local planning office if you are unsure about whether or not planning permission will be required.

A garden room is a fantastic way to enjoy a bungalow extension

A bungalow extension project is a terrific way to increase the amount of useable space and it can also be the perfect opportunity to create a dedicated area of respite in the form of a garden room.

This new outdoor space can be used to watch nature as it happens, catch up with your favourite book, or simply spend time with loved ones during the summer months.

Because the area is situated away from the front of the building, there is often more freedom regarding space. In many situations, planning permission will not be required for a garden room, but it should not be assumed this is the case in every instance.  

As such, the necessary checks should be carried out before any work commences.