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How to Add an Extra Bedroom Without an Extension

Extra bedroom
Extra bedroom

Having an extra bedroom in your home can not only allow for more privacy and space as your family grows, but it can also increase the value of your home and make present more opportunities if you decide to sell in the future. 

If you think about standard property listings, the number of bedrooms is often one of the first pieces of information that is shared about a house, with the headline information stating the number of bedrooms and the style of property (flat, detached house, semi-detached terrace, etc). Because of this, having an optimum number of bedrooms can make your house more attractive on the buyer’s market – and until you’re ready to sell, it can certainly give you more space as your family establishes and grows. 

In this article, we share some of the more effective and efficient ways to add an extra bedroom – without the need for going down the home extension route. 

Consider a garage conversion

It amazes us how many families and homeowners pack a garage full of things they would otherwise get rid of, just because they have the space and lack the will to throw things away. Breathing new life into a garage means really optimising the way you use every inch of your home, turning it from a glorified storage cupboard into something functional, practical, and (due to its ground floor location) often more accessible than other standard bedrooms. 

Most garage conversions won’t need explicit planning permission although the renovations will have to meet Building Regulations, and in some locations, you will need to ensure you have permission to convert your garage if it has an effect on parking allowance on your street. 

But the benefits are clear – the structure is already there, and it’s up to you to use that internal space in the most effective way possible. 

Build an internal wall

Do your children share one large bedroom between them, but are starting to reach an age where they are craving some personal space?

Perhaps you have an at-home office with an excess of floor space, or an oversized master bedroom that you simply don’t use?

Building an internal wall to divide a large room into separate spaces is one of the easiest ways to add an extra bedroom and can be cost effective – provided you check your new bedroom ticks all the regulatory boxes for fire escapes and access points. 

Covert your loft

Bedroom in a loft conversion

In a similar vein to garage conversions, this option takes an existing space and breathes new life into it – with most homeowners adding a dormer window or a hip to gable to maximise the head space and create a welcoming bedroom. 

Make sure you work with a well-respected construction company when it comes to a loft conversion as the regulations here can be particularly difficult to navigate and get right. 

Reconfigure your existing layout

Are you already maximising the way you use your space around the home, or are there certain rooms that could be replanned and adapted to make better use of the space? 

This is such a simple and cost effective way to add an extra bedroom, because it encourages homeowners to really think about whether they are using each of their rooms in the best way possible. If you have a junk room filled with boxes and weird and wonderful possessions, could this be moved to a shed in order to clear the space?

If you are using a large room as a home office, could you move to another room and clear the existing office to be a bedroom?

Create a mezzanine level

Adding a mezzanine level to a taller room basically adds a whole extra chunk of floor space without ever building onto the outside of your home. The beauty of this is that a mezzanine level can work in any bedroom or living space and can add aesthetic interest and impact to your home – providing your growing family with more space.

If all else fails, reconsider an extension!

Contrary to popular belief, an extension doesn’t always have to be pricey – and you might find, after considering the above options, that an extension is the best option for your home and for your family needs. If this is the case, make sure you pick up quotes from a selection of reputable companies to get yourself the right deal, and work closely with them to achieve the finish that you want. 

If you’re struggling to find the best way to factor an extra bedroom into your home, we’re here to help. Give us a call today to discuss your project.