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Things to Do Without Planning Permission

Loft conversion
Loft conversion

Trying to organise construction or renovation work on your home can seem like a nightmare if you are trying to secure planning permission. You may have difficult neighbours, or just not want the hassle of going through the gruelling planning permission application. Thankfully, there are several alterations you can make to your property without the need for planning permission. In this article, we’ve picked out ten adjustments you can legally make to your home under the permitted development (PD) rights. 

However, if you’re property is in a conservation area or part of a block of flats, you’ll still likely need permission in most circumstances. It’s always worth checking with the relevant authorities before starting any construction work. 

Loft conversions

Loft conversions are one of the best ways of creating more space in your home without the need for planning permission. Under PD, you can convert your redundant loft into any type of room you wish, providing you don’t extend any structure beyond the highest part of the roof. 

Whether you are wanting to create a study area, bedroom, or storage room – loft conversions can be an excellent form of home improvement. The structure of loft rooms often means that the converted space has a unique aesthetic which adds to the appeal of the area. 

Garage conversions

Providing the alterations, you make to your garage are all internal, you are free to convert your garage into whatever you want. Whether you want to transform it into an additional living space or guest room, garage conversions can be an ideal home renovation you can make under PD. If you don’t extend the garage externally, you should be good to go ahead with a conversion. 

Alter your interior design

All internal renovation is covered by PD, so if there’s some work you’ve been meaning to do inside your home, you can crack straight on with it! Common interior changes include adding an en suite to bedrooms, creating an open-plan living area and altering your kitchen layout. 

Install a Juliet balcony

There is no planning permission required for installing a Juliet balcony, and as most people are now spending more time at home, this has become a popular option for many. Juliet balconies give you that extra bit of access to fresh air and natural light, perfect for taking a break if you are working from home. 

Single storey extensions

Providing you don’t extend your property beyond the restrictions, single-storey extensions are permitted under PD. If you have been wanting to add a rear or side extension onto your home, you can do this without planning permission as long as you work within the constraints. 

For rear extensions, you can stretch out to a maximum of eight metres from the original property and extend height-wise up to a maximum of four metres. 

For extensions around the side, under PD, you can extend up to a maximum of half the width of the original property and extend height-wise up to a maximum of four metres. 

Upgrade insulation

Fitting internal insulation doesn’t require any planning permission and you are free to upgrade what you currently have. You can also add insulation as part of external cladding, providing it doesn’t increase the height of the property or alter the dimensions of the home. 

Replace windows 

New windows installed on a house

As long as replacing the windows of your home doesn’t alter the structure of your home and the materials aren’t altered, the replacing will be covered by PD. There are specific restrictions surrounding bay windows and side windows – mainly relating to protecting your neighbour’s privacy. It’s best of contacting experts before you make significant alterations just to be on the safe side. 

Repair / replace roof

If you’re having roofing issues, it can be an absolute nightmare for your entire home. Thankfully, repairing or replacing the roof can be done without the need for planning permission. Whether you need to replace tiles on a certain section of the roof or want a completely new roof putting in – PD has you covered providing you don’t alter the height of the roof beyond the highest original point. 

Fit solar panels

As the push towards more renewable energy continues, homeowners are now free to install solar panels without planning permission, although there are a couple of exceptions to this rule.

Install decking

External decking is permitted under PD providing that it doesn’t extend over 300mm above ground level. You’ll also have to ensure the decking doesn’t cover over 50% of the garden to fall in line with PD.