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Home Extension Ideas

Home extension ideas

You might be interested in extending your home for a number of reasons, but usually, the decision revolves around wanting more space in your family home. If you’re wanting to create more space within your house, take a look through this guide for some home extension ideas that you might not have considered yet. 

Loft conversion

Loft conversions are usually a popular extension choice as it doesn’t always necessarily require additional construction. The good thing about loft conversions is that the space can have a variety of different uses. Whether you are wanting an additional bedroom, a home office or simply a recreational room, loft conversions can give you an extra space within your own home which usually has a sense of privacy as it’s on a separate floor. Additionally, loft conversions usually have the best views in the whole house and they usually don’t require planning permission.

Above-garage room extension

Providing you have the space available within your garage, an above garage extension can be the perfect answer for those in need of a bit of extra living space. Adding to an existing structure such as your garage allows you to make the most of space you already have whilst also meaning you don’t have to build further into your garden. 

Integral garage conversion

Converting your garage can often be a cost-effective way of adding some extra space to your home. Compared to other forms of extensions, garage conversions are usually cheaper, and it also allows you to maximise space you already have. A benefit of converting your garage is that it’s unlikely to disrupt your daily living whilst construction takes place. 

Side or small rear extension

Building on to the side or back of your house is usually a common choice for those looking to add some extra space to the ground floor of their homes. Whether you want to add a home office or a ground floor bathroom, side and rear extensions can usually provide you with an option which has the capacity to meet your needs. Small extensions at the back or side your house can also be used just to give you that bit of extra room, even if it just acts as a boot room. 

Conservatory house extension

Conservatories are another popular extension choice. One of the perks of building a conservatory is that they often don’t require planning permission and are excluded from building regulations. Although you will need to build into your garden space, conservatories are a great way of acquiring extra living space. They can also act as sunrooms, which give you an area within your house where you can make the most of sunlight from the comfort of your own home! 

Garden room

An alternative option for an extension is to utilise your garden space by building a covered outdoor area. Verandas and other outdoor spaces can give you somewhere to relax during the summer and can also give you an outdoor seating option in the winter if you can brave the cold! 

Cellar conversion

This is always a good option if you are unable to extend your home upwards or outwards. There are a number of different options when it comes to converting a cellar. Many people like to turn their basements into a recreational room that can be used as a home cinema, gaming zone or a playroom. Of course, not all houses have the capacity for a cellar, and you may need to consider whether you would need any additional excavation.  

These are just a few extension ideas, however, there are a number of other extension types you could go for, providing you have the space and funding to work with. In a previous blog post we looked at extension ideas for small houses, so go and check that out if this sounds of interest to you.

An extension can require a lot of planning, so it’s a good idea to do your research and ensure that what you are wanting to build is feasible.